Website Development

WordPress Development
WordPress is an Open Source Web-based software application that anyone can use to build and maintain a cms website or blog. Main purpose of WordPress was easy way to set up a blog. However, with the efforts of large “open source” community of WordPress programmers put lot of effort to improve its capabilities and finally WordPress has become very effectivce CMS System.

Word Press Theme Customization is the customization for unique Blog publishing system to make your website more personalized. Flourishing your web online system in much personalized and professional way, custom word press theme design and template is used. Word Press is used in each and every website from online shopping store to social networking portal.

Complete WordPress Designs are based on Themes. WordPress Themes are composed of style sheets and images. It is easy to customize the look and feel of wordpress with the help of css and images. WordPress helps anyone to develop or edit new website and blog with the help of a internet browser. Even if user don’t have any knowledge of html they can manage site contents and images. More over sites developed in wordpress is more search engine friendly compared to other open source.

At Starwin infotech, we have proficiency to provide a gamut of WordPress development services that includes Custom WordPress Development, E-commerce websites, blog development, portal development, design, development and integration of custom theme/template, Shopping Cart, Plug-in/Widget development, data migration and many more. With our SEO friendly WordPress development services, we help organizations to enhance their online business in the global market efficiently.

ASP.Net Development
The product of Microsoft, .NET is a most powerful and versatile framework efficiently used by small and large enterprises all across the world. This robust development framework is most effective to create high-end applications for different platform, including web, desktop and mobile. Starwin Infotech as a pioneer in proffering techno-driven IT services deliver most advanced .Net Development services using the expertise of its veteran .NET developers.

Our range of services comprises ASP.NET development, Custom Application Development using .NET, Custom Mobile/Desktop/Web App Development, .NET Migration, Enterprise Application Development, .NET Web Services, ASP.NET MVC Development, Products Customization, Testing, Maintenance & Support, and many more.

ASP.Net is a widely used framework that is profoundly used to deliver dynamic websites, web applications and wide array of web services. ASP.Net, being commercialized by Microsoft, has benefits over other scripting languages as it compiles the server side code to one or more DLL files on the web server.

Starwin infotech delivers quality ASP.NET web development solutions. We aim to deliver ASP.Net development services that exactly fit to your business requirements. Our team has rich experience in creating anything from small, personal websites to huge, complex web applications using ASP.NET.

Advantages of .NET Development at Starwin infotech
• Improved productiveness
• Option cross-platform migration
• High-speed of development
• safety
• consistency
• Accessibility to the options of .NET Framework Library
• Relatively brief studying challenge for developers
• Easy modifications of programs and protection

Benefits of .Net framework:
1. It is a consistent programming model :
There are a variety of different languages for programming to perform one task and all of them work in their individual ways. .Net has its own unique way to accomplished the task by using the .Net class library which is the main component of framework. The features of the .Net library remains the same with the all the .Net languages. This marks its feature of making it a consistent programming tool.
2. Easier to update :
After installing the .Net Framework, updates get installed automatically by the Microsoft update service. Automatic updates from your control panel for any versions of .Net framework will get updated to your computer which does not require you to work at all.
3. Easy Development :
.Net applications are easy to install and set up. .Net framework handles the details of finding and loading the components that are needed in an application, despite of several versions of the same application exist on the same computer.

Why .Net Technology?
• Good Language support
• Interoperable Framework.
• Provides the developers with the common runtime
• .Net is an independent language
• .Net framework provides the common security model for all the applications.